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    • Multi-directional Reach truck

      The Combi-MR is an multi-directional stand on reach truck which offers superb manoeuvrability and safety in the tightest working conditions.
      This compact truck features one rear wheel drive with a large rubber tyre and 360° steering rotation giving the Combi-MR the ability to drive across various surfaces. The Combi-MR features a cab that provide excellent ease of access aiding in quick and efficient picking by the driver.
      The multi-functional controlled joystick allows the operator to smoothly change direction and travel speed, in addition to full control of all the hydraulic functions. This contributes to faster procedures for manufacturing distribution and logistics operations.

      • Standing Operator Over-Head Guard
      • Multi-Direction Operation
      • AC Electric Steering
      • AC Motor Technology
      • Multi-Function Joystick
      • Optional Integrated Hydraulic Fork Position
      • Stand and Sit Down versions available.
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